BS 1501 620 Gr27

BS 1501 620 Gr27

The BS 1501 620 Gr27 we supplied are used for mechanical industry, pipeline, thermal equipment, petroleum drilling, chemical industry, agricultural irrigation and urban construction. Up till now, our pipes have served customers come from more than 40 countries.

BEBON steel pipes include four major types which are seamless pipe, ERW pipe, LASAW pipe, SSAW pipe.

Tabella comparativa dei materiali Gruppo …

J14 Tabella comparativa dei materiali ® Acciaio Gruppo Germania Francia Gran Bretagna Italia Svezia Spagna USA materiali W.NR. DIN AFNOR BS UNI SS UNE AISI/SAE· 2013-4-21

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mat. skupina č. mat. ČSN Německo DIN Francie AFNOR Velká Británie BS Itálie UNI Švédsko SS Španělsko UNE USA AISI/SAE UNS Japonsko JIS Běžná ocel, litá ocel ...

material Grade Comparison Table - mdmetric

Werkstoff Germany U.S.A. France Great Britain Italy Sweden Spain Japan No. DIN AISI/SAE UNS AFNOR BS UNI SS UNE JIS 1.5415 15Mo3 ASTMA204GrA 15D3 1501-240 16Mo3KW 2912 16Mo3· 2015-6-15

Material Grade Comparison Table - FpML

E56 Material Grade Comparison Table Stainless Steel and Cast Iron Mat. Group Mat. No. Germany DIN France AFNOR Great Britain BS Italy UNI Sweden SS Spain UNE U.S.A.· 2012-6-1

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Base de données de métaux comparant 63000 désignations internationales normalisées et commerciales, pour 7800 alliages de métaux. Compositions chimiques et caractéristiques mécaniques indicatives2018-3-30

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